Black and Gold Bunting

Buntings always add a dash of festivity to any celebration. I’ve seen colourful ones flapping in the wind at events, elegant ones at weddings and mini rustic looking ones as cake toppers. Making them is really simple and fun! All you need is paper, scissors, paint and string. Plus you get to customise the shape: skinny, fat, tall, short.

First, decide on the size of your flag. I wanted something proportionate in height and width that would allow an A4 paper to yield two flags. So I cut an A4 paper into two, and then using one A5 paper, measured out a triangle with a width of 16.8cm x height of 15.2cm x Diagonal sides of 17cm. Very odd measurements I know but you can adjust it according to your preferences.


Cut out the triangle which will be your template for the rest of the flags.


Place the template on an A5 paper and use a paper slicer to slice off both sides so that it forms a flag.




Jazz up your flag in any way you like! I used Pentel poster color paint in gold and painted diagonal, vertical and horizontal stripes. Painted free hand and didn’t use a ruler because I didn’t want something too straight. The paint is thick and I would recommend using a softer brush compared to the one in the picture. The one I used was a bit hard and stiff so I needed to paint over the line a couple of times so that it’s smooth.

Bunting Paint 2

Bunting Stack

Bunting Paint

To string the bunting together, you’ll need a hole puncher and twine. I bought black and gold twine from Mooseart Etsy and it came with a sample of christmas-coloured twine! 🙂


Use a single hole puncher to get a hole at each top corners; any regular hole puncher works too.



If your twine has these gold foil intertwined with it, be sure to make a knot at the end to prevent the gold foil from unravelling. Once you have done that, string the twine through the holes of the flag. I let my string show up in front because it matches the theme but you can choose to do it the reverse way and hide most of the string at the back.


Alternate the flags however you like and you’re ready to have these flutter at the party! 🙂



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