Throwing a party? Brighten it up with a tassels garland or pom poms! Or since the school holidays are here, try these easy crafts with your kids 🙂




How to make a tassels garland: TasselsGarland-HowTo1. Cut the crepe to the size you want it and fold it in half
2. Fringe it, leaving 1.5 inch of paper at the top
3. Open up the crepe paper and smoothen it on both sides
4. Roll the crepe paper to the end
5. Twist the middle
6. And fold it in half
7. String it onto a rope and secure the middle with twist ties
8. Repeat with any colour combination you like and string them together for a happy garland!

Materials: Crepe paper from Popular / Twist Ties from Daiso

How to make potted paper flowers / pom poms:PottedPaperFlowers-HowTo1. Cut an A4 paper lengthwise into 4 equal strips of paper
2. Fold it around the cup and secure with double-sided tape (it’s hard to get it to align properly at the end so I just left the two ends sticking up like a V which I thought was nice)
3. You can either make your own pom poms from scratch using crepe paper or buy ready-folded strips from Daiso. Since Daiso had them in the colour I wanted, I just bought them off the shelves.
4. Take a folded strip and fan it out on one side. Separate one layer of tissue and pull it to the centre.
5. Repeat for each layer and on the other side and fluff them evenly so you get half a pom pom
6. To make a full pom pom, put two halves together and secure them with twist ties
7. In order to secure them to a stick, position the stick in the middle and overlap the two cable ties and secure them to the opposite side.
8. Once you’ve done that, twist both halves of the pom poms in opposite directions so that it’s secured to the stick
9. Take a sheet of newspaper, crush it and fit it into a cup
10. Poke the stick through the newspaper so that it will be support and stand upright. If you want to cover the newspaper and also ensure the cup doesn’t fly away in the wind, weight it down with some pebbles on top.

Materials: Ready-folded pom poms (Makes 8 full pom poms) and White cups (x16) both from Daiso / A4 paper from Popular


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