We had a family BBQ over the weekend! It was glorious and the weather held up really nicely. Thank you God for answering our prayers for sunshine. Ever since we shifted into the new place, my dad has occasionally suggested for a BBQ. When the suggestion came up again recently, I told my dad in jest, laughing “you really want a BBQ huh”. My dad replied “it’s not about the BBQ; it’s about the people, I want everyone to come together”. That was a touching moment for me. It’s been really tough of late getting everyone together at the same time due to our conflicting schedules. So we’ve decided to institute a special family dinner once a month. Not that we only eat together once a month of course, but apart from usual meals, designating a day a month for a special get-together.

The more we talked about the BBQ, the more excited I became and decided we should dine in style (yes, everything calls for decor and celebration)! So with the colours yellow, blue and a dash of pink, I made a tassels garland, potted paper flowers and bought happy dining ware.

The food was incredibly yummy as well. On the grill: the sweetest white corn, vegetarian kebab, asparagus & bacon, chicken wing, sambal stingray, sotong with cut chilli, short rib, salmon teriyaki and sausage. Plus nachos with salsa & cheese, watermelon, pineapple, pomelo and dad’s signature lychee freeze. I usually have a small appetite but think it increased by three times that evening. STUFFED but it was such a good night with my family



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