How was your weekend? I spent mine soaking in gorgeous florals in Paper to Petal by the amazing folks at Thus and Farrell. Made these confetti flowers based on the book and I’m in love with them! Was so tempted to throw the confetti up in the air and see them fly. There’s something beautiful about creating a paper flower; you see it bloom as you build up the layers. These are now sitting pretty on my desk. 🙂 Here’s how I made them..




– Double-sided crepe paper
– Single ply crepe paper
– Floral tape
– Floral stem
– Scissors
– Craft glue


1. Mix and match the colours you want for the petals and confetti. I used the same light colour for the stamens across all my flowers but you can mix it up if you like.

2. and 3. Make confetti squares by fringing crepe paper (see step 7) and cutting across horizontally. Making confetti was the toughest step for me and I highly recommend a fringe scissors! (I’ve been meaning to buy one but haven’t actively looked for it. Do drop me a note if you know where I can buy one in Singapore!) Also, if you are like me and try to take shortcuts, layering many crepe paper and fringing it at one shot causes the paper to stick and bunch together; you’ll need to keep rubbing the cut squares with your fingers to separate the layers from each other. The bunching up will also cause your confetti to be a bit clumpy when you glue the confetti in step 8. If you have the patience, fringe and cut the confetti using one layer of crepe paper at a time.

4. From the crepe paper, cut 5 teardrop petal shapes with broad endings. For each petal, curl the top  right edge with your floral stem. Anything round like a pen or pencil will do too.

5. Create a cupping effect for each petal by using your thumbs and gently pulling the petal from the middle.

6. This will produce the cupping effect you see here. Also, fold in the bottom of each petal from both sides to the middle to create a little crease.

7. Fringe a rectangular piece of crepe paper for your stamen and wrap it around your floral stem. Most tutorials will ask you to secure the fringe with floral stem. However, it’s very thick and it’ll be hard to secure with tape alone; I would suggest that you secure the start of the fringe with glue to the stem and continue dabbing little dots of glue as you wrap the fringe around. After wrapping the fringe around and securing with glue, secure the crepe paper with floral tape (this will be a lot easier now). (Sorry, I didn’t manage to take photos of all the wrapping and gluing of the flowers because I was so engrossed in making them!)

8. Dab glue on the ends of the fringe and dip them into the bowl of confetti. If the confetti bunches up, you can use tweezers to remove the extra squares. Here’s where what I said in step 2. and 3. about bunching and clumping comes in. Let the glue dry before moving on to the next step.

9. Fasten each petal around the fringe one by one with floral tape. (Again, missed taking pictures of this step because I was too engrossed)

Tip: when using floral tape, make sure you pull and stretch the tape constantly when wrapping around the petals. Pulling the tape will activate the adhesive hiding in the little folds of the tape. I didn’t pull the first few times when I was new to floral tape and they always unravelled. You’ll definitely be frustrated working with floral tape at first because it’s hard to get it to stick and it tears if you pull it too much. Give yourself some time and it will get better with practice!

11. and 12. Voila! This is what your finished flower looks like 🙂

Have fun mixing and matching colours depending on your preference!



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