Over the weekend, six of us got together for a sleepover. We’ve been talking about this for sometime now but it never materialised over the past few years. Yesterday, one of us flew off to Philadelphia to embark on her MBA in Wharton and another one of us will be leaving in Sep to NYC for work. It would (possibly) be our last get together for the next two years and we thought we’d make it a good one. And so it finally happened, and happily so!

We imagined all sorts of things like tepees and baking up a storm. We skipped most of what we imagined but we had so much fun. Quite a bit of time was spent crafting a scrapbook as a gift for our friend. And the rest of the time was a lot of talking, love and laughter. Magic happens when friends are together. You don’t need much, getting together is loveliness on its own!

Here’s our simple sleepover recipe. What is your sleepover like; what do you and your girlfriends do?




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